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At Social Impact Squared, we help you use high quality evidence to prove and improve your impact and social value.

Do you want to:

  • Report impact numbers while telling the story of how your organization helps individuals and communities?

  • Improve your impact when working in changing and complex environments or with clients who have complex needs and lives?

  • Prove how much value your work provides for those you serve as well as the greater community?

  • Work with the community you serve to learn what works well, for whom, and under what circumstances?

If so, reach out. Our Lead Consultant, Paul Bakker, is always happy to provide initial free advice.

All Social Impact Squared projects are led by our founder, Paul Bakker, along with his network of associates. 

Our Services:

  • Program Evaluation

  • Impact Measurement

  • Performance Measurement

  • Theory of Change Development

  • Data Analysis

  • Social Research and Development


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