Recruiting a Junior Research Associate / Research Assistants

Currently, Social Impact Squared has several projects in 2018 and beyond that include work for a Junior Research Associate or Assistants.  Ideally, Social Impact Squared is looking to develop a relationship with a Junior Research Associate that will be able to take on all the work and grow with the firm.  However, several research assistants may also be hired to complete different projects or tasks.

Nature of the Work

The Research Associate/Assistants will be responsible for tasks such as:

  • Note taking and cleaning during workshops or meetings.
  • Drafting data collection tools.
  • Qualitative and Quantitative data collection and analysis.
  • Drafting line of inquiry reports.

While data analysis and reporting can be completed at the Research Associate’s/Assistants’ home location, events and some of the data collection will take place in-person.  Currently, the evaluations that the Research Associate/Assistants will work on focus on projects in Hamilton, Burlington, and Niagara Region.  In particular, the Niagara Region project requires a researcher to travel across the region to conduct in-person questionnaires.  Social Impact Squared projects are often in the GTA, and Social Impact Squared is a member of the Centre for Social Innovation – Annex, so future work and meetings may also occur in other areas of the GTA.

The current projects focus on poverty reduction, crime prevention, and youth employment, but Social Impact Squared projects also often evaluate health and education projects.

Currently, the amount of work across the projects ranges from a few hours to a few days of work a week, but the amount of work is likely to increase as more projects are secured. Given the part-time and flexible nature of the work, Social Impact Squared is currently looking to contract with the selected individual(s).

The Research Associate/Assistants will start at $25/hr, but that rate will increase after the Research Associate/Assistants demonstrates that they take initiative, are dependable, and produce quality work.


All applicants should have:

  • A university degree in the social or health sciences or in management. Completion of a course in evaluation or performance measurement is an asset.  Experience assisting with or completing program evaluation projects is even more of an asset.
  • The ability to take strong notes during meetings and events with many participants.
  • Experience collecting a variety of primary data, including surveys, interviews, and/or focus groups; both in-person and virtually.
  • Experience completing qualitative coding and/or quantitative analysis (both descriptive and basic inferential statistics). Access to analysis software is an asset.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills. In particular, they should be able to draft and present concise analysis reports.
  • Great organizational and time management skills.
  • The ability to travel across Niagara Region is required for one of the projects, but not for the others.

In addition, applicants interested in being a Junior Research Associate should:

  • Have a passion for completing applied research and evaluation projects that increase the effectiveness of initiatives seeking to improve the lives of disadvantaged individuals.
  • Be looking for part-time work in the short-term. Being interested in the opportunity to increase their workload and responsibilities in the future is an asset.  Being interested in a possible career as an evaluation or research consultant is an asset.
  • Have a strong understand of research quality and validity issues.
  • Having strong subject matter knowledge in the areas of poverty reduction, crime prevention, and youth employment is an asset.
  • Have experience with designing survey, interview, and focus group questions. Experience designing other data collection methods is an asset.
  • Have experience completing both qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis, but with a greater focus on qualitative methods.
  • Be able to write in a variety of styles and for a variety of populations (i.e. academics, executives, the general public, etc.) is an asset.
  • Have strong knowledge of research ethics. Experience working with vulnerable populations is an asset.
  • Willing to take initiative for business generation is an asset.

To Apply:

Applicants should send an email to indicating why they are interested in the Junior Research Associate position or a Research Assistant position, and outlining how they meet the desired qualifications. Those applying to be Research Assistants should clearly indicate which tasks they are most interested in completing.  Applicants should attach their resume/C.V., and two references to the email.  Applicants are to send the email by December 31st, as certain tasks begin in mid-January.

For selected applicants, Paul Bakker, Social Impact Squared’s Director, will call references and schedule interviews at the beginning of January.  Paul will also keep applications on file, and may reach out later as new project needs arise.