Stakeholder Consultation

Understand your impact

One of best ways to understand what impact your initiatives are having is to consult the people experiencing the impacts on a daily basis – that is, staff and clients.

We can help you collect the right data in a way that works best for your clients.  We can use conventional methods, such as interviews, focus groups, or surveys, or we can use methods that make creative use of things like story-telling or photo-taking.

Prioritize your impact

Your work likely produces many benefits, and there are likely many things that lead to those benefits.  We can help you consult with clients, staff, funders, and other stakeholders to learn what is most important to them.  You can then focus on what is of greatest value to your stakeholders.

Improve your impact

Clients and staff can provide invaluable information on what is and what is not working. They also can provide great insights into how to improve programs and services.

Contact us to discuss how we can harness the insights of your stakeholders.