Impact Measurement

You may want an accurate estimate of your social impact for many reasons. You may want to:

  • know if your resources could be better invested in other activities
  • know if changes you have made have lead to improved outcomes
  • show your funders and customers the value of their investments.

We can help you measure your impact by:

  • Creating a plan to collect the data you need to evaluate your impact
  • Developing the tools you will need
  • Collecting the data you will need
  • Analyzing the data collected
  • Reporting your results to encourage action and improvement

We can provide the full suite of services or any of the individual services.

We are experts in impact measurement designs.  Paul Bakker has presented at the Canadian Evaluation Society’s National Conference on time-series and benefit based designs and has experience conducting evaluations using many other designs.

Paul is also experienced at designing evaluations that both measure impact and influence program development.

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