Evaluation Coaching and Training

Support and Training to Conduct Effective Social Impact Research

Social Impact Squared offers Evaluation Coaching to help organizations carry out quality social impact measurement and to build their knowledge and skills in doing so.

Many organizations are tasked with producing performance and impact data, but do not have an evaluation expert on staff, nor do they have large budgets for hiring an Evaluator.  Other organizations may have evaluation staff, but those staff may still want to further develop their skills in certain areas.

Social Impact Squared can provide you with an experienced evaluator to be your Evaluation Coach.  The Evaluation Coach will provide you with tools, guidance, and training to help you plan and carry out practical and useful social impact evaluations.  The Evaluation Coach can also help you create a culture of evaluation and improvement throughout your organization.

Organizations can purchase just a few hours of Evaluation Coaching for assistance with a specific task, or they can hire an Evaluation Coach to support them throughout their evaluation efforts. Rates start at $100/hr for a few hours, but discounts are available for  more hours and successful referrals to new clients.

If you are interested in Evaluation Coaching support, complete this form to schedule a free 1 hour consultation with Paul Bakker, Social Impact Squared’s President and Credentialed Evaluator.

Organizations can request guidance on:

  • Describing their social impact.
  • Developing an evaluation plan and/or budget.
  • Describing how what they do leads to the social outcomes they are trying to achieve (their theory of change).
  • Determining what to measure and how to measure it.
  • Designing data collection tools like surveys or interview guides.
  • Collecting data.
  • Analyzing qualitative or quantitative data.
  • Managing and/or monitoring evaluations.
  • Reporting and telling their social impact story.

Supporting organizations through each step listed above typically takes between a few hours to a day.

Group Rates can be negotiated (and are encouraged) for groups of staff/organizations doing similar work and needing advice on common approaches.

“Paul is a dedicated and highly knowledgeable expert in the areas of evaluation and measuring impact. He is as passionate about ensuring we are measuring our outcomes as we are about delivering them! We have been seeking Paul’s counsel for a few years, and he always helps us see things we would not have otherwise seen – all which will increase the effectiveness of our evaluation, reduce our workload and most importantly, help us ensure our programs are doing what they are supposed to be doing.” (Rickesh Lakhani, Executive Director of Future Possibilities for Kids).