Data Analysis

We can help you make sense of the data on your programs, clients, donors, and social impacts.


We can:

  • Clean your data so that results are accurate
  • Describe your accomplishments
  • Measure your impact
  • Compare different groups’ needs, opinions, and outcomes
  • Describe changes over time
  • Discover the drivers of success
  • Create tools to help you decide how to best help your clients or obtain funds

Our experience ranges from analyzing basic survey data to analyzing longitudinal and time-series data.

One of our pet-peeves is statistical jargon.  Instead of reporting things like correlation coefficients, we explain what the numbers mean in plain language.  For instance, instead of saying the correlation coefficient between age and the likelihood of volunteering is 3, we would report that for every yearly increase in age, the percentage of people that volunteer tends to increase by 3%. (Note: this is a made up statistic).

Contact us to discuss how we can help you make use of your data.