We can help you:

Understand your impact on people’s lives by:

  • Consulting with clients, staff, and other stakeholders (See more)
  • Reviewing existing research (See more)
  • Analyzing your data (See more)
  • Speaking with others doing similar work (See more)

Articulate your case for support by:

  • Refining your theory of how you improve people’s lives (See more)
  • Supporting your work with existing evidence (See more)
  • Measuring the social impacts of your work (See more)

Increase your impact by:

  • Discovering what works, for who, and under what circumstances (See more)
  • Directing resources to serve those that will benefit the most (See more)
  • Helping you plan improvements and assess their effectiveness (See more)

We can also help you build your own capacity to understand, measure, and improve your impact. We can help whether you want to consult with an Evaluation Coach for a few hours on specific topic, or want an Evaluation Coach to support you throughout all your evaluation needs. (see more)