Innoweave’s Developmental Evaluation Implementation Grants

Innoweave recently (May 6, 2013) announced their first wave of Implementation Grants.  The grants are meant to help community organizations implement Cloud Computing,  Social Enterprise, Social Finance, and Developmental Evaluation tools and approaches.

Part of Innoweave’s approach to building organizational capacity is for organization to work with a coach.  I am proud to be listed as a Developmental Evaluation Coach as part of Innoweave’s initiative.

Innoweave is encouraging organizations to work with a developmental evaluation coach to devise the project plan for their grant application.  If you are looking for financial and professional support in using developmental evaluation, I encourage you to contact me.  If you haven’t attended Innoweave’s developmental evaluation workshop, an expression of interest is due by May 31st.

You can learn more about Innoweave’s Developmental Evaluation Module here.