Liberty for Youth’s Unique Approach and Evaluation Advice

Before starting Social Impact Squared, I worked with Liberty for Youth to evaluate their Champion Series of programs.  The programs sought to teach young males the consequences of their actions using role playing, how to be positive role models, and worked to reunite and strengthen their relationships with their fathers or another positive male role model.  The programs were a demonstration project funded by the Department of Justice.

You can learn about the Champion Series by viewing this video.

I was very happy to hear Liberty for Youth’s program coordinator’s advice to others developing a demonstration project:

“One thing I really recommend is to implement an evaluation plan. Hire a professional evaluation consultant team. What an evaluation team does is transfer all your successes, your weaknesses, your strengths, they put them on paper and give a funder the number that they need to see to know if they should continue funding you, donating to you, sponsoring you.”

This project was Liberty’s first experience with the profession of evaluation, and I couldn’t have been happier to help them learn what works and to see them value our work and improve their programs.